Research isolates the stem cell that gives rise to bones, cartilage in mice

Research isolates the stem cell that gives rise to bones, cartilage in mice

Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine  have discovered the stem cell in mice that gives rise to bone and cartilage and a key part of bone marrow called the stroma., the spongy tissue at the center of bones that helps hematopoietic stem cells turn into blood and immune cells.

Through extensive effort, they then identified a single type of cell that could, by itself, form all these elements of the skeleton. They believe this discovery will set the stage for new methods to grow cartilage and bone in medical therapies. In addition, the researchers have charted the chemical signals that can create skeletal stem cells and steer their development into each of these specific tissues. This offers exciting potential therapies for skeletal disorders that include bone fractures, brittle bones, osteosarcoma or damaged cartilage. A paper describing the findings was published Jan. 15 in

“Millions of times a year, orthopedic surgeons see torn cartilage in a joint and have to take it out because cartilage doesn’t heal well, but that lack of cartilage predisposes the patient to arthritis down the road,” said Michael Longaker, MD, a professor of plastic and reconstructive surgery at Stanford and a senior author of the paper. “This research raises the possibility that we can create new skeletal stem cells from patients’ own tissues and use them to grow new cartilage.” Longaker is also co-director of the Stanford Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine.

Emerging studies like these are the key to regenerative medicine and stem cell therapies. As research into the possibilities of stem cells advance, we are given a glimpse into the future of how physical medicine and rehabilitation practices will evolve here in Tampa and across the globe.

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