As the population ages it becomes more and more challenging for the medical field to come up with healing treatments. Most treatments currently available are designed to treat symptoms rather than actually heal damaged or aging tissue. Regenerative medicine is a game-changing area of medicine that offers the potential to actually heal, not just treat symptoms.

Regenerative medicine focuses in three areas: rejuvenation, replacement and regeneration. All three areas leverage the body’s natural healing mechanisms to restore damaged tissue by developing new cells to replace or supplement healthy cells.

The Role of Stem Cells

One of the most promising developments in regenerative medicine is the use of stem cells. Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that have the potential to develop into any kind of tissue. These cells are harvested from the patient, reprogrammed, and injected into an area of degeneration or injury. The cells then form into healthy tissue. Because the cells come from the patient there are no issues with rejection or need to suppress the immune system. Ultimately, this results in less stress on the patient and more potential for success.

Tampa Stem Cell Therapy is a pioneer in the use of stem cell therapy to treat chronic and degenerative conditions like arthritis, tendinitis, osteoarthritis, sports injury and other debilitating conditions and injuries. To learn if regenerative medicine is right for you, contact us.